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Client Strategy Convert Readers to Clients

Chain of Elementary / Primary Schools


  • ClientM'Andryk International Online School

  • M'Andryk is a chain of nursery schools and elementary schools across capital of Ukraine. "The M’andryk Online School" is a platform that allows the student to easily connect to the lessons and study in virtual classes with great teams of teachers.

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Attract people to the platform.
A large number of people already spend up to 2 hours browsing the website.
The challenge is to convert those who just read into monthly subscribers.


In 3 - 4 steps website visitors must log in to the platform, whether they are children or adults (parents).


In ukraniane language the name of the school means adventurer / traveler. Chosen design theme is Space.


The interface must be attractive to children of 6 – 11 years and very straight forward; invite them to join the platform.
Design style – animation
Drawing or photograph style – comics
Website animation – moving, fast changing text, images, videos, animation that give impression of a flight in the rocket.
Every step gives motivational phrases for children (in big letters), as well as detailed information for parents explaining them benefits of this school.

Client Strategy Branding User Interface User Experience Advertising


4 slides = 4 steps to start a journey.
Appears astronaut who asks to help him. He says:

"Hi! We need your help… we are assembling a team for a mission. A flight to another planet.
The goal is to study it, to adapt it for life. Explore a new world. Are you ready to join our team? Go to the second step. Click step 2"

1st step

Kids' section shows: "The mission is serious, therefore good knowledge is requiered."

Step 2
The parents' part explains advantages of studying in this school.

2nd step

In kids section: "Let's prepare properly, develop strong skills."

Step 3
Parents' part explains about the unique teaching methods and school subjects

3rd step

"Enter your username and password. Welcome to the platform. Let's start the training."

Last step
Parents' part shows schedule

4th step