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  • ClientAlternative Hair Show | Charitable Foundation

  • The charity with 40 year heritage works day to day to achieve yet more in fighting leukemia.

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    A 53% increase of the website visits.
    Average time spend on the website increased twice.
    A 18% tickets sales, a 29% DVD & magazine sales.


To show people variety of ways to be involved in the charity and the international hairdressing show Alternative Hair itself. To encourage money donations and raise ticket sales.


Hairdressers from around the world can improve their reputation, career and creative skills. Hairdressing brands can advertise their work on the international level, by participating at the show.


Based on one known phrase ‘picture worth 1000 words' the charity website encourages visitors to become part of the London show. Majority of hairdressers know the Alternative Hair, heard about it, saw articles in magazines around the world, however still think it is complicated to get involved. Number of personalized pages was created for specific groups of people. Participation instruction page, as well as donation and sale pages were simplified via Ui & UX.

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International Charity Show

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