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Photographic Studio in London


  • ClientSanrizz Studios

  • Studio in central London WC1 that specializes in
    hairdressing and beauty photography, makeovers,
    photoshoots for models and actors.


Changed promotional strategy which increased ARPU by 500%.
Created a new digital strategy, which led to a seven-fold reduction in no-shows.
A 74 - 78% increase of website visits with each digital campaign and maintenance of this level within a year. The recruitment increased by 10%. People who came for beauty photography became clients of mother company Sanrizz hairdressing salons.


New business, new project, new studio - to build everything:
brand, products, awareness and client database.


One of the promotions was:
Most of the girls would like to be that front cover magazine girl. Using situation that the studio is located in Sanrizz hairdressing academy who needs models constantly, I created series of digital competitions - 'Win a chance to be an international model'.

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