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Grooming salon and creative hair for men


  • ClientMr. Rizzo grooming salon and creative hair for men

  • Hair salon and barbers in Covent Garden, London.

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    A 76 - 86% increase of website visits monthly (6 month of gathering statistics). Big amount of UK based magazines, hairdressing blogs and online directories were republishing news and hair collections from the web.


The development of a competitive website , for a brand new grooming salon.
Bring clients to the salon.
Methods: Web Development, Web Design, UI, UX.


Most of the barber salons are cozy. The are various newspapers in the entrance area for clients to read. To catch up on latests updates.


Therefore the decision was made to develop the website in a press style. As if it was a newspaper itself. Builded web extensions for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to simplify the work of Mr. Rizzo PR specialists. They work mainly with social network chanels. Therefore the website was updated on the daily basis without extra web design maintenance expenditures.

Branding UX UI Web development
Daily news page
Grooming London


I also decided to emphasize skills of Mr. Rizzo's specialists in creative hair by representing collections as if it is a piece of art, putting information in frames (like in museums).
Exist a strong reason behind not putting every image in a frame.
If you are interested, Ask me why ).

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